NovaHQ L33T Speak Guide

PURPOSE: The purpose for this guide is the educate the "new gamer" to our community in the "L33T" language. This guide has all the latest abbreviations of the words that all the pro gamers use when they play.

MADE BY: High Rollers < Admins.

Creators & Contributors of the NovaHQ "L33T Speak" Guide:

Major Contributors:

Name: StevieB (Steve)
Position: Admin
Contribution: StevieB made basicly the whole L33T Speak guide. He came up with most of the terms for the guide.

Name: Mike
Position: Admin
Contribution: Mike contributed with lots of other terms for the guide.

Name: Trilogy
Position: Admin
Contribution: Trilogy contributed with a few words also.

Name: Edge
Position: High Roller / Sig Team Member / Tournament Admin
Contribution: Edge contributed to the website for the guide and also a few words. He also created the neat-o graphic for the top of the web page.

Name: Tecoma2
Position: High Roller & Tournament Admin
Contribution: Tecoma contributed with a few words also.

Position: High Roller
Contribution: BADDOG contributed a few words also.

Name: zza1pqx
Position: High Roller
Contribution: zza1pqx contributed with a few extra words also.

Name: ChiefADFP
Position: High Roller
Contribution: Chief contributed a few of the words found in the guide also.

Position: High Roller
Contribution: El submitted a few words for the guide also.

We would like to thank all that have contributed to the Guide. Thanks for all your hard work and help!

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