NovaHQ L33T Speak Guide

PURPOSE: The purpose for this guide is the educate the "new gamer" to our community in the "L33T" language. This guide has all the latest abbreviations of the words that all the pro gamers use when they play.

MADE BY: High Rollers < Admins.

56ker - A 56k modem user.

A&D - Attack and Defend

Ack! - General - General term of dismay.

AFAIK - As Far As I Know.

AFK - Away From Keyboard. Most games have an AFK function, which informs other players who see you/try to contact you that you're not there. Kind of like an out-of-office auto reply.

Aimbot - Cheat software which assists aiming. Effectively snaps the crosshair to your enemy when your gun is pointed in their general direction. Very naughty.

Arse-jam - A fluke; a moment of incredible luck.

ASCII - Pronounced 'ass-key': American International Code for Information Interchange. Essentially, a large character set used by computers.

ATM - At The Moment.

Avatar - Your character in the game.

BAF - Bring A Friend.

BBIM - Be Back In a Minute.

BBL - Be Back Later.

BBS - Be Back Soon.

BHD - Black Hawk Down

Bot - An AI-controlled contestant in first-person shooters.

BRB - General - Be Right Back. Going [AFK]? Then tell your party BRB.

BS - Bullsh*t

BTW - By the way

Camping - Waiting in a location for a specific event to occur. The word may be applied to many situations; in [FPS] terms, it means sitting in a good vantage point, waiting for a player to enter your field of view.

Cap = Capturing the Flag (used in HL mods) I.e. Hey that was my cap!

Char - Character.

Cheese - Exploiting an imbalance in the game for personal benefit.

Co-op - Game Type

Clan - A group of players who fight together as a team under a common banner.

CPL - A sarcastic insult. Originates from the acronym for the Cyber athlete Professional League tournaments.

CTF - Capture The Flag. A popular game-type, in which each team must capture the opposing team's flag and return it to their own base.

CU - General - See you. E.g. "CU l8r!".

Deagle - The Desert Eagle handgun.

DF - Delta Force

DF2 - Delta Force 2

DF:LW - Delta Force: Land Warrior

DF:TFD - Delta Force: Task Force Dagger

DF:BHD - Delta Force: Black Hawk Down

DF:BHD:TS - Delta Force: Black Hawk Down: Team Sabre

DM - Death match. A free-for-all game-type, in which the player with the highest [frag] count wins.

DMG - Damage.

EULA - End User License Agreement. A contract that you agree to adhere to in order to use a piece of software.

Exploit - A bug, flaw or loophole in the game that allows players to cheat in some way.

FAQ - General - Frequently Asked Questions.

FB - A flash bang grenade.

FFA - Free For All.

FFS - For F***'s Sake.

FH - Full Health.

Flaming - Performing a scathing personal attack in a forum or chat channel.

Flame war - Ensues when two or more people are [flaming] each other in a forum or chat channel.

FPS - Acronym of Frames Per Second; also stands for First Person Shooter.

Frag - 1. Kill. E.g. "I fragged his ass," "I had like 30 frags." 2. Fragmentation, as in "frag grenade."

G2G - (I've) Got To Go. Generally used if the person isn't coming back - if they are, [BRB] is more common.

GA - Go Ahead.

GD - God Damn! Usually lower case, used mid-sentence. E.g. "This game's full of gd [n00bs]". Not to be mistaken for a contraction of 'good'.

GF - Girlfriend or Good Fight.

GFX - Graphics; Term used in signature designing. [see Sig]

GG - "Good Game!". Used after an enjoyable or remarkable match. A show of good sportsmanship when coming from the losing team, but rare. In practice you're more likely to see [ffs], [teams] or players leaving the game.

GGA - Good Game All

Gibs - Wet bodily fragments; the kind you see when you hit someone with a rocket in Quake. E.g. "I gibbed his ass!".

Gimp - Expression used to describe a poorly developed or poorly performing character. Sometimes used as an insult.

GM - Game Moderator, or Games Master. A person employed by the development team to resolve issues, both technical and social, which arise in the game. Many games allow you to petition a GM in-game, if you think that something is unfair.

GMTA - Great Minds Think Alike.

Gratz! - Congratulations!

Griefer - A person who deliberately upsets others for his own pleasure.

GTG - Good To Go. A term employed to inform your party that you are ready to proceed.

Guild - General - A group of players who have banded together under a common banner. Most [MMOGs] enable players to create their own guilds.

GVG - Guild vs. Guild.

Hack - A cheat or exploit.

HaXXor/h4XXor - Hacker. A player who uses cheats or exploits to get ahead in the game.

HF - Have Fun.

HP - Hit points. The health of a character, [MOB] or [NPC].

HPB - High [Ping] Bastard. Someone with a very slow Internet connection. There are many [HPB]-only servers. See also [Ping]. Contrast with: [LPB].

IIRC - If I Recall Correctly.

Imba - Imbalanced. Can refer to any element in a game that is over/underpowered.

IMO/IMHO - In My Opinion, or In My Humble Opinion.

.ini - The .ini, or initialisation file, is a document which resides in a game's root directory and is read by the game when it boots up. The file tells the game as to which settings it must adopt - screen resolution, audio levels, hardware settings, key-bindings and so forth. The .ini file can be altered by hand, as it opens like a text document, and contains simple lines of script.

Int - Intelligence.

IRC - Internet Relay Chat.

IRL = In real life (not often used, common in some games, aka RL)

JJ or JK - Just Joking / Just Kidding.

JO - Joint Operations

JO:TR - Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising

JO:TR:E - Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising: Escalation

KOS - Kill On Sight.

KOTH - King of the Hill

KS - G Kill Steal. The act of killing a [mob] that another player has already initiated combat with. This is considered - unsporting, and extremely poor etiquette.

L337 or l33t - General - Elite - specifically au fait with computers, hacking or games. Pronounced "Leet". E.g. "Me 1337. U [suXXor!]".

Lag - Slow data transmission between your PC and the server caused by high [latency]. This affects a drop in response times, and subsequently causes sluggish game play. Related: [latency], [ping], [bandwidth], and [packet loss].

Latency - The time taken to deliver a packet of data from the source to the receiver, i.e. the server to your PC. Commonly measured in milliseconds. Latency and bandwidth are the most influential factors governing the speed and stability of your Internet connection.

Lamer/llama - A player who is lame, i.e. they cheat, they're bad at the game or they're arsing about, not playing the game properly.

LD - Link-Dead. Occurs when you lose your connection to the server. E.g. "Where's Crosius?", "He's LD".

Leeching - Striking a [mob] in combat with another player, to steal a little of the XP reward given upon the mob's death. Much frowned-upon.

LFC - Looking For Clan.

LFG/T - Looking For Group/Team.

LMAO - Laughing My Ass Off

LMFAO - Laughing My F***** Ass Off

Log - To log out, or leave the game. E.g. "Dinner's ready. Gotta log!".

LOL - Laugh Out Loud.

LOS - Line Of Sight.

LPB - Low [Ping] Bastard. A player with a fast, stable Internet connection, who enjoys fast and smooth online gaming as a result. Related: [Ping]. Contrast with [HPB].

Lvl - Level. Your character's level.

m8 = mate

Med - Medic

Merc - A superior player who plays under the name of an inferior player, in order to boost a clan's score or reputation.

Mish - Mission.

MMOG/MMORPG - A Massively Multiplayer Online (Role-Playing) Game.

Mod - A modification of a game-[engine] after its release, created by enthusiasts rather than the developers of the original game. Counter-Strike, for example, is a Half Life mod.

MP - Multiplayer, or Magic Points.

MT - Mistell. Used to inform someone that your previous [tell] to them was in error, or meant for somebody else.

MTFBWY - May The Force Be With You

Muppet - A player engaging in disruptive activities whenever there are no enemies to kill in his immediate vicinity.

N1 - Nice one.

Nade - Grenade.

Newbie - A new or inexperienced player. See also [noob/n00b]. There is a distinction: newbie simply means a new player. Noob or n00b imply inferiority through inexperience.

NL - Novalogic

Noob/n00b - Derogatory term for a new player. Origin: [Newbie].

N00b spray - Not aiming your weapon, simply running around and firing off ridiculous numbers of rounds in the hope you'll hit someone.

n00btube - Slang term for the rocket launcher.

NP - No Problem.

NT - General - Nice Try.

OMG! - Oh my God!

OMW - On My Way.

OOR - Out Of Range.

OOS - Out Of Sight.

OSOK = One shot one kill, used more in older games like TFC and HL mods.

Own - To thoroughly beat (the enemy); to dominate a game. E.g. "I owned last night." "They're gonna own us." The [l33t] version is 0wnz0r or [pwn].

Ownage - Success in combat generally. E.g. "I need an AK47 for maximum ownage," or simply, "Ownage!"

Packet loss - A situation that occurs when data packets are sent from one source, i.e. the server, and do not arrive at their destination, i.e. your PC. This is caused by high [latency], or [lag].

Ph4t/Phat - An adjective implying excellence.

Ping - The time in milliseconds it takes your computer to communicate with the server - the lower the ping, the smoother the game runs for you. Basically a comparative indication of speed. See also: [Latency], [LPB], [HPB].

PITA - Pain in the arse/ass.

PK - Player Killing. A player killing another player.

Player base - The total number of players who play any given game.

PMSL - Pissing myself laughing

Port - Teleport.

PPL - People.

Pwned - A corruption of [owned]. Originated in Warcraft, through a misspelling in the script. When the player lost in a particular mission, the game told the player 'player is pwned' . Now in common usage as a term to describe defeat at the hands of another player or team. E.g. "They pwned us".

Quick-switcher - A player who uses a script to quickly cycle between a zoomed rifle and a pistol or knife.

Raid - To gather together in a very large party and attack an area or [mob] en masse.

Rate hacker - A player who alters his rate settings to - give himself a jerky and staggered appearance, thus making him harder to hit. A perfectly innocent 56K modem user can be accused of this.

Res/Rez - Resolution / size of screen in pixels. E.g. 1024x768

Respawn - The process of an item, weapon, player, [mob] or [NPC] reappearing in the game after it has been collected or killed.

RL - Real Life.

ROFL - Roll on the floor laughing.

ROFLOL - Roll on the floor, laughing out loud.

ROFLMAO - Roll on the floor, laughing my arse off.

RoXXor - To rock. E.g. I roXXor! U [suxXXor]!".

RP - Role-play.

RT - Roger That.

RPG - Role-playing Game.

Sig - Signature; Term used when someone wants a small graphical image.

SP - Single Player.

Spamming - General - To indiscriminately bombard an area with fire.

Spawn - The act of a [mob], [npc] or player character coming into existence in the game-world.

Spawn Camping - In [MMOGs], this refers to the practice of [camping] for a specific [mob] to [spawn]. In [FPS] games such as Counter - Strike, this refers to the practice of a player or team camping at the other teams spawn point, in order to kill them as they spawn.

STFU - Shut The F*** Up.

Sup? - What's up?

SuXXor - To suck. E.g. "U suXXor! I [roXXor]!".

Taunt - A combat skill, common to many [MMOGs], which enables a player-character to attract the [aggro] of a [mob].

TBH - To Be Honest

TDM - Team Death match. A game type where two teams fight. The highest [frag] count wins.

Teams - A single word phrase connoting "Balance the teams, people", when the two teams are unequal in size.

Thx - Thanks.

Thanks For Team - General - Thank you for the pleasurable experience of fighting alongside you in the team.

TKOTH - Team King of the Hill

TOS - Terms Of Service. See [EULA}.

Trainer - A program that runs at the same time as the game often used to cheat by giving infinite ammo or the ability to jump higher, run faster than other players. Never use a trainer.

Trolling - Making inflammatory comments or [flaming] in a forum or chat-channel just to get a rise out of people.

TS = Teamspeak

TSK - Three Shot Kill -- Used mostly in Halo/2, sometimes used in LW, TFD, etc.

TTFN - Ta Ta For Now. A casual farewell.

Ty - Thank You.

Uber - Super. May be applied to many situations, but chiefly an item, e.g. "OMG, that sword is uber!", or a person, e.g. "[WTF]! That guy [pwned] me! He's [uber]!".

VGG - Very Good Game. Use sparingly.

Wallhack - Cheat software that enables a player to see and shoot through walls. Very naughty.

Wallhacker - A player using the Wallhack cheat.

WB -Welcome Back.

w00t! - An expression of victory, success or joy. Originated on Quake servers, an abbreviation of "We [owned] the other team".

WTF - What the f***?

WTG - Way to go!

WYG - What you got?

YW - General - You're Welcome.

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